Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Scenes from the rollicking New World Notes Fashion Expo 2004 runway, taken last night. Since voting among residents has already begun in earnest-- more info on the rules and guidelines, here-- none of these images should be construed as an endorsement of any particular designer, and my apologies in advance to the designers whose fashions I could not also include here. (The descriptive words below were provided by each designer, read by me during the event to introduce their fashions in their own words, as they appeared on the catwalk.) I am almost positive that some of these images are mislabeled, confused in the chaos of the Expo and the scramble to blog the event-- if you notice any errors, contact me for an ASAP correction. But now, on to the fashions...

- First two images: Expectant backstage at the Expo, waiting on pins, needles-- and eight inch stiletto heels.

- Second row, first image, from designer Mistress Midnight:

"[A] third in her Painted collection, [it's] a simple black dress, with a fishnet mesh overlay, and satin pleated knee-length skirt. Washu Zebrastripe is modeling this wearing her Thick Curly Hair."

- Second row, second image, from designer Aimee Weber (modeled by her):

"Now behold the enchanting Aimee Weber of *PREEN*. Just in time for the cooler weather, she is sporting her 'Fall Semester' look complete with cumfy retro leg warmers and autumn colored leggings. Man, I wouldn't mind tutoring HER in Social Studies."

- Third row, both from designer dragonfly Olsen:

"All you hot peeps of Second Life, I give you the trendy fashions of dragonfly Olsen, an up-and-coming designer, as modeled by dragonfly Olsen. dragonfly is wearing Belted Domantrix, a sleek leather and belted outfit sure to put you in charge... [also] from dragonfly Olsen is Leather Delight, and hot club number sure to get you several drinks and dances."

- Fourth row, first image, also from designer dragonfly Olsen:

"Next up from dragonfly Olsen, dragonfly is wearing Casual Date , a simplistic and comfortable running around the town outfit."

- Fourth row, second image, from Cailyn Miller:

"Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the brand new range by Cailyn Miller, as modelled by the gorgeous Tink Buttercup... [here] we have the Buckled Tiger Dress. Perfect for clubs and parties, this short sexy halter-neck dress is held together by a row of buckles down each side."

- Fifth row, first image, from Bakuzelas Khan:

"Men's fashions don't need to be boring or overly feminine. Take for example... clubwear from Bakuzelas Khan [which] includes this pairing of an exciting pattern of electric blue on black with leather-look pants. 'BAZ Electric Blue T' and 'BAZ Splatter Stamped Pants' are great for dancing or being casual, or whenever you want to say 'I'm so cool, I can wear lightning on my chest and not light up like a Christmas tree on the Fourth of July!'"

- Fifth row, second image, from designer Suggie Liu:

"It's the Petals and Thorns line [with Model Emmy Guillaume]... Vintage evening wear at its best. This dress hearkens back to a simpler time in black velvet with a tightly cinched corset and ankle boots. A sweet wedding dress with a twist."

- Sixth row, first image, from designer CherryBomb Hare:

"CherryBomb Hare is wearing her own design called Purple Pasion, shown here in blue. This gown is tintable to any color you'd like to wear for that special occasion."

- Sixth row, second image, from designer Minah Fredericks, modeled by Barbii Electric.

- First row, two images, from designer Asri Falcone:

"Last but not least up for the Asri Falcone Wedding Collection, Sensual [Casanova] is modeling 'Wedding Crasher', appropriately named because this was the infamous dress that crashed the sim Le Cadre Island once and almost a second time during its creation. Over 350 prims in the train alone."

- Second row, first image, from designer Fey Brightwillow:

"This exclusive wedding gown was designed for Faerie Muse. Lace upon lace accentuated with with gold. The entire design was created with the bride, Faerie, in mind. Elegance and femininity giving the bride the feel of a fairy princess. Completing the look is an upswept hairdo crowned with flowers and trailing ribbons."

- Second row, second image, from designer Torrid Midnight (photo by Torley Torgeson):

"Unique and original fashions by Torrid Midnight as modeled by Kenzington Fairlight. Torrid creates the majority of her designs by painting with minimal photosourcing if any. First, Kenzington is wearing 'Ripped Up', a casual yet bold statement for those with a little attitude, that includes the top, pants, and gloves, both upper arms and lower."

- Third Row, first image, from designers Ferran Brodsky & Surreal Farber:

"Ferran Brodsky and Surreal Farber are Phobos Design. Partners since they came into Second Life, their designs include skins, clothing, jewlery, shoes, posed furniture, animations, and distinctive buildings. Ferran is wearing a gold brocade jacket with silver closures; tapestry pants; and, a skin of her design. Her belt is chrome skulls and spikes on leather. Multiple piercings add a dash of bad-girl charm and round off the eclectic look that is Phobos Design."

- Third row, second image: group encore.

- Fourth row, first image: Jennyfur Peregrine in a dress of her own design, during group encore

- Fourth row, second image: more from the group encore.

- Fifth row, first image: Jennyfur Peregrine again during group encore, with Barbii Electric modeling Minah Fredericks' work in background.

- Fifth row, second image: still more from the group encore.

- Sixth row, first image: on-site after-party in full explosion.

- Sixth row, second image: final encore group shop, taken by photographer Osprey Therian.

Some of the images are chronologically screwy. Here's a complete list of designers and models, in the order they appeared for the event:

1 Torrid Midnight (Kenzington Fairlight model)
2 Aimee Weber
3 Mistress Midnight (Washu Zebrastripe model)
4 Ferran Brodsky & Surreal Farber
5 dragonfly Olsen (UAC)
6 Meritim Lily
7 Suggie Liu (Emmy Guillaume model)
8 Minah Fredericks (UAC) (Barbii Electric model)
9 Cailyn Miller (Tink Buttercup model)
10 Caliandris Pendragon
11 Jennyfur Peregrine (Emmy Guillame model)
12 Bakuzelas Khan
13 CherryBomb Hare (with Death Grace co-model)
14 Asri Falcone (Sensual Casanova model)
15 Fey Brightwillow

Thanks to them and to the massive audience who braved the cold, to attend. And eternal thanks to Nova Linden, who provided the stellar runway and the fashion display, and Haney Linden, who provided the land and the cautionary wisdom as this project plunged heedlessly, recklessly ahead.

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OHH NOOO!! I don't know who took these pics, but my 2nd gown did not rez correctly for you...lmao

*hugz all* :)

Posted by: CherryBomb Hare at Oct 6, 2004 11:18:46 AM

yay! what a great time it was. :)
lots of great clothes, and lots of fun!

Posted by: Bakuzelas at Oct 6, 2004 1:51:02 PM

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