Friday, September 24, 2004


There's a curling white sculpture in the home that Damien Fate and Washu Zebrastripe share in Second Life. Used to be, it had a digital readout, floating above it, counting the days, hours, and minutes that Fate would fly from England to the heartland of the United States, to meet Washu for the first time, in their first lives. (More to the story here.)

"It counted down to the moment we met real life," Fate tells me. "It ended up being incorrect though, because my first flight out was delayed and then cancelled."

"How was the flight?" I ask him.

"After 24 hours [when] I finally got on the flight to America, it was OK."

And though you'd think the sculpture would now track the countdown to their next meeting, I notice it's counting in the negative, from their last meeting.

"We don't have a next date set," Damien Fate explains.

More-- much more-- next Monday.

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