Thursday, June 03, 2004


The "sandbox" region (or simulator) of Cordova is located in a kind of basin, geologically speaking, surrounded on all sides by high cliffs. (This is probably to block off the view into Cordova, from the neighboring simulators. It may be fun to build pretty much whatever you want, in the sandbox, but if you live nearby in Abbotts, it's probably just an eyesore.) Within the cliff walls, Cordova is flat, dry, and arid.

It certainly doesn't contain a lake. Except on May 25, 6:20pm (PST), when it did.

I fly to the edge of Cordova in time to take a couple screenshots, just before my computer freezes up, and I'm forced to log out of Second Life.

And when I come back in, a few minutes later, the lake in Cordova is gone.

I fly down into a very dry, very water-less Cordova, and talk to the first residents I see.

"Was it just me, or did I just see the whole sim underwater?"

"I didn't," says Allex Cotton.


Cotton laughs, and so does his red headed friend Ming Chen.

"So neither of you just saw the sim underwater?" I persist.

Ming turns to Allex. "What did I tell you? Drugs are bad for ya."

On the opposite side of Cordova, Tye Huber is standing there with his robot X-3000. He claims not to know anything about a flooded Cordova, either. I ask again. Same answer. So I change the subject.

"What's your robot do, Tye?"

"Attack," says Huber. "Follow me. Say rude things." On cue, the robot lets loose a foul torrent of swear words. (Even though Cordova is a PG sim.)

"Sorry for my cussing," the X-3000 says, laughing, "but I'm a bot, you can't suspend me."

On the other corner of Cordava, a madman who I'll call Abe Kawasaki is dressed what looks like a commodore's seafaring costume, standing astride a sailing ship.

"YOU BETTER NOT PUT ME IN THE YOUR DAMN JOURNAL," Kawasaki shouts, as I approach. "I can see it now: 'Crazed citizen creates super fleet armada in Cordova simulator'".

I think I've found my sim flooder.

"So you're behind this?"

"All these ships, yes. For what purpose? TO DESTROY THE LINDENS."

"And also for putting all of Cordova underwater?"

Kawasaki belly laughs. "No! THESE ARE AIRSHIPS."

Now I'm shouting, too: "THEN WHO PUT THE SIM UNDERWATER?!"

A skeptical crowd is gathering around me, so I upload my two screenshots of Cordova turned into a lake, and frantically begin distributing them around, for everyone to get a look.

"SEE!" I shout, triumphant. "SEE?!"

"WOW," Kawasaki says, genuinely surprised, apparently.

Kento Kim laughs. "HOLY CRAP! That's... uhmm... yeah."

"I WILL EXPOSE THE SIM FLOODER!" I vow. People are giggling.

One week later, however, no culprits have come forward. The investigation continues.

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After reading this, I was very tempted to fill Cordova with a layer of water-textured blue prims. But I understand that it could lead to a severe frowning from someone named "Linden", so I restrained myself. :)

Posted by: cubey at Jun 4, 2004 12:55:38 PM

Hhmm... I have a sudden urge to investigate...

Posted by: D.I Stephen Grayson at Jun 5, 2004 3:41:55 PM