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My first entry for New World Notes went live on the week beginning April 22, 2003, so my one-year anniversay as Hamlet Linden came and went without much fanfare. (Then again, Second Life officially launched on June 23rd of 2003, so maybe that's the best place to mark a full year.) Anyway, acknowledging that, and the sudden influx of visitors from Slashdot (hi, folks!), herewith are my own personal top ten ten stories, from a year or so of reporting. The list is almost entirely subjective, and subject to revision at any time-- hopefully, about this time next year.

10. "Private Dancer" - November 7, 2003
9. "Where Two or More are Gathered" - April 19, 2004
8. "Tax Revolt in Americana!" - August 12, 2003
7. "White Like Me" (Part I here, Part II-III here) - October 24-27, 2003
6. "Crash II" - August 5, 2003
5. "Occupying Jessie!" - October 15, 2003
4. "What Will the Island Be?" - January 19, 2004
3. "Post-War Reconstruction" - April 26, 2004
2. "Home for the Homeless" - May 9, 2003
1. "War of the Jessie Wall" (Parts I-V here, Parts VI-X here) - July 7-18, 2003

UPDATE: Looking for stories related to virtual real estate? Try "Post-War Reconstruction" and "What Will the Island Be?", with perhaps a glance at "Tax Revolt in Americana!", to get a sense of the controversies that occured, before Linden Lab implemented the current land ownership policies. Also, if you happened across the Slashdotted story via the CNN website newsfeed, the house in the accompanying screenshot was featured in NWN last year, here. (The fascinating story behind the home's owners is available here.)

UPDATE II: Then again, I'm sure many NWN regulars have their own favorites, from the past year. If so, please post in this entry's topic. No, I'm not fishing for compliments-- I'm trying to get a better handle on what sort of stories my readers respond to most, because that'll help direct me toward the kind of stories I'll report on, in the future.

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Hey Hamlet. Personally, I prefer your stories that are about the world of SL when it isn't related to the outside world. Like your coverage of Burning Life day by day, or the architectural digests. As interesting as it is to draw parallels between the real world and Second Life, there are many interesting things that happen outside of those issues that are unique to our world. You have covered these kinds of things, and those are personally, the stories I prefer to read. I guess I don't like to think about how much of RL is mirrored in our world. :)

Posted by: Yuki Sunshine at Jun 4, 2004 11:29:08 PM

Hhhmm.. I think maybe odd goingson and event coverage would be good. Also maybe some stuf about gang rivalries, and the WW2ERS.

Posted by: D.I Stephen Grayson at Jun 5, 2004 3:45:03 PM