Monday, June 28, 2004


Last week saw a burst of celebratory activities, to commemorate Second Life's one year anniversary-- a Beta-era museum here, a time capsule opening there-- and featured at its most spectacular an anniversary parade of water-borne floats, going up and down the waterways of the new Hawaii-themed simulators. There were tributes to classic computing, including VERTU's homage to Jaron Lanier and virtual reality, 90's style, and even more lovably geeky, a float modeled after "the mighty 6502 Microprocessor". On the artsier side of things, there was a float based on Gerome's classic painting "Pygmalion et Galatea"; on matters more somber, there was a float for the friends of the Iraq War memorial, featuring several people in full dress military uniform, standing at attention, next to a pair of boots and an M-16 stood upside down, while "taps" played, from the float's loudspeakers, echoing along the banks, as it passed hundreds of onlookers, standing on the shore.

I should be posting my own screenshots of the event, later in the week, but meanwhile, here's a couple resident-created sites, that also covered the festivities: Owen Khan's entry on the acrobatic Eurolifer float, and a slideshow "newscast" from SLBN Productions.

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