Friday, May 07, 2004


I'll be in Los Angeles all next week, partly for the legendary E3 conference and expo, but also, on Monday and Tuesday, for The Education Arcade, the brainchild of Henry Jenkins, Kurt Squire, and other academics affiliated with MIT. I'll be participating in the opening plenary with Henry, Ion Storm's Warren Spector, and other heavy hitters. Hopefully my talk will be adequate among such a stellar company of great minds. (After all, I just had to look up the word "plenary", because I wasn't even sure I knew what it meant.) Much of what I discuss there will deal with what I've learned as a journalist in Second Life, about the potential of a virtual world to be a pedagogic tool. So next week, prepare for a brief education, in the school of Second Life...

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So you think SL is an educational tool :D groovy

Posted by: Catherine Cotton at May 8, 2004 2:13:40 AM

> So you think SL is an educational tool ...

It certainly is easy to see synthetic worlds playing a big role in the various design curricula: fashion, architecture, landscape. It's a good way for students to get access to real users and have their products tested in a real market.

It's a little harder to see an inworld connection to English and Art and Government students, though not impossible by any means.

Posted by: Fred Hapgood at May 9, 2004 5:42:24 PM