Tuesday, April 20, 2004


I've been following with interest the journal and musings of freelance games writer Tony Walsh, who joined Second Life recently, and since then, has been making his own incisive observations in an ongoing journal. A sample:

Following my identification of Second Life as a next-generation World Wide Web, the simplest answer to the question "Where is the narrative?" is "There isn't any." A more cryptic, but still accurate answer would be "It doesn't exist, and you can find it everywhere." Second Life is a venue, and although I believe there are efforts being made to weave a story into this venue (I suppose to explain things like flying avatars), it doesn't on its own convey a story. Like the Web, Second Life's story is told in endless threads, some woven together into a cohesive fabric, and some intersecting at various angles.

Well worth a bookmark.

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