Friday, April 30, 2004


Cities in the sky and islands consumed by the fires of hell. Since recent NWN entries have lingered on the tension between in-world aspirations and the real world brutalities that sometime impinge on them, next week's New World Notes will keep its focus on some of the grander mini-worlds within the larger world of Second Life. Microcosms of imagination-- who builds them, and why.

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I am very confused and enthralled with Jessie's World, where the WW2 people will shoot you if you don't belong.

Posted by: Mike Merrill at Apr 30, 2004 4:14:19 PM

I am similarly captivated by the concept of "not belonging" on land where the owner can easily bar outsiders from entry using a system-level mechanism. Unlocked land would seem to equate open territory.

The funny thing about Jessie is the in-world Help actually tells you to go there and implies you should look for trouble. No wonder Jessie residents complain about newbies going in and shooting up the place. Not that there's any substantial consequence to death (ergo, nothing really to complain about, particularly in light of my first paragraph).

The elaborate overlay of player-created conduct codes (i.e. "house rules") and social pecularities is what makes multiplayer gaming so unique.

Posted by: Tony Walsh at Apr 30, 2004 6:40:57 PM


Posted by: Hamlet Linden at May 22, 2004 5:16:31 PM