Tuesday, February 17, 2004


And lo, in that time of the second week in February, beyond the rocket launcher and the two giant snowmen, there appeared by the Lindens' grace to the people of Linden, a valley. And beyond that valley, where once was naught but ocean and utter void, stood now verdant land. It was a land of forests and hills and wide plains, and the number of those various regions, or "sims", as the people of Linden so named them, were one score and two. And the names bestowed upon them were very like the names of the wilds to the North and South of the Lindens' own home, in the Area of the Bay. There was a Mavericks and a Muir and a Montara, and many more besides. And the people of Linden rejoiced, and began their bidding. Estates were sold at auction for sums great and small, for tracts both humble and kingly. And the building began in great zeal, and it was good. (Or at least so it seemed, at the start.)

And the scribe of Linden set quill to keyboard, and girded himself to account for what transpired, it that new land beyond the valley (and the rocket launcher, and the giant snowmen.)

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