Wednesday, February 04, 2004


I stopped by Buhbuhcuh Fairchild's home in Welsh late last night, to visit the plaque he made for his father. The tokens of sympathy left there by residents have grown considerably, in the week since I first saw it-- much more flowers, and now cards, and angel wings, too. So residents continue to arrive, and extend their support for BBC, a veteran of Second Life from the Beta days.

I'd meant to visit only briefly, but just before I logged off, a man I'd been hoping to interview happened to wing by. He's the one who spent over $1200 to purchase the leasing rights to the new simulator of Indigo. (Thereby solidifying a precedent set by Fizik Baskerville, when he outbid everyone to buy an entire island, now called Avalon.)

More on him, however, tomorrow...

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I totally cried when I read your original story about BBC's dad.

Posted by: Jade Lily at Feb 11, 2004 10:33:55 AM