Friday, February 20, 2004


Nick Rhodes, Second Life's only known Frenchman, owns an airy art gallery in Tan , where he exhibits elegant photos of glamorous women-- taken by him, and other photographers of the beautiful female form who are of his artistic caliber. (At least, in deference to Michi Lumin, as female beauty is traditionally defined.)

However, I'm not here for the art, right now. I'm standing on the deck of his gallery, trying to figure out the meaning of this bonfire of desire in front of me. A grand piano, an animal skin rug, an objet d'art, gold-trimmed bathroom fixtures and oak furniture, a slideshow of Nick with a series of lovely women, all thrown together into a pile and set ablaze. An anonymous tipster brought me here, but neither Nick or anyone else is nearby, at the moment, to explain the meaning of these burning things. A scandal, a heartbreak, an aggressive artistic/political statement? All of these things, none of them?

Investigation's afoot. More information as it arrives.

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Hamlet, did you by any chance mouseover the objects... they appear to not have been rezzed by Nick...

Posted by: Bino Arbuckle at Feb 22, 2004 11:00:44 AM