Monday, February 02, 2004

AND WE'RE LIVE IN 3, 2, 1...

I'm writing this from my in-world office on the Eastern shore of Shipley on February 2, 2004, at just about 3:00pm, Pacific Standard. Welcome to the new look and feel of New World Notes, which I'll now be writing as an actual, no-kidding blog. (Via TypePad(tm), to be exact-- much thanks to Jim and Ian Linden, for their stellar help in setting me up on my own site.) For the last 10 or so months, NWN has run on a somewhat staggered basis, as my entries on the world were sent over the transom, and imported into the Second Life company site. This meant my stories would be about events that happened a few days or even a few weeks in the world's past. This had its advantages, because it gave me the time and space to cover the world with in-depth, magazine-y pieces. I'll still be writing those from time to time, of course, but now I'll be able to publish entries live and on the scene, like, well, a blogger. So in this, I join the small but growing list of writers to actually blog on a professional basis-- and certainly the first to blog professionally about a virtual world.

What's happened to all the entries I wrote from last year, and last month? Those are still available as links stretching along the left-hand column. You can access the whole archive that way, and I've also created directed links to my favorite entries. We plan to keep the New World Notes forum on the Second Life site running, but now, non-residents will also be able to post their comments on the blog itself-- hopefully starting a dialog between them and current citizens.

It's quiet at this hour, in Shipley. A new neighbor has just moved in below me, I see, someone named white Lilly, who hasn't quite finished building her home, but was sure to hang a photo featuring her and a swain named Robert locked in a romantic embrace. Over to my right is a door-less, iron structure known, intimdatingly enough, as Savage Desires. So, quiet, and yet... not.

But the neighborhood has gotten rather low key, in recent months, as new residents look to the new simulators to purchase land and put down stakes, and veteran residents sale their property and leave Shipley, in search of fresh locales. For now, though, I'm happy where I'm at, here on the Eastern-most square of land on the continent, on a cliff overlooking the sea.

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Very cool new site! Love the look, I hope the main SL webpage converts to something along these lines.

Posted by: James Miller at Feb 2, 2004 5:45:34 PM

Great new look!

Posted by: Xylor Baysklef at Feb 2, 2004 11:57:42 PM

Love the new site Hamlet! And as always, really enjoy reading your articles and posts. Keep up the great work! =)

Posted by: Pendari Lorentz at Feb 3, 2004 7:27:48 AM

Great idea, Hamlet. I always thought your column was a blog at heart.

Posted by: Skyllar Skidoo at Feb 3, 2004 5:41:46 PM

Thanks, all! Credit where it's due, Jim Linden and Phoenix Linden were the guys who pushed this forward-- I'm pretty clutzy with HTML, so I was a bit skeered to make the jump.

Posted by: Hamlet Linden at Feb 4, 2004 1:53:08 AM

It is great being able to comment directly on your stories, rather than in a somewhat distant forum.

It's kind of funny. I'm working on a weblog, and came to New World Notes to get some inspiration on a particular aspect of the old design. Look what I found, to my surprise!

Posted by: Jade Lily at Feb 4, 2004 6:06:45 AM

GREAT new look! Congrats on joining the elite cadre of Pro Bloggers!

Posted by: Bhodi Silverman at Feb 4, 2004 3:38:36 PM