Tuesday, February 03, 2004


After so much drama and conflict in the combat-enabled Jessie simulator, the Lindens finally added another battle zone. When Rausch went online last week, I threw on my Hunter S. Thompson avatar, strapped on my M4 carbine, and went looking for trouble.

Trouble found me quick, in the form of a Native American with sureshot arrows, and an alien with probes to deploy.

A politically incorrect resident named Little Tigereye comes whooping into the sim, firing off arrows with eerie accuracy. I team up with Lance LeFay, who creates a pillbox bunker with gunport slots, from which to fire back at Tigereye. (Like Cordova, the "sandbox" simulator, Rausch lets you temporarily create buildings and other objects without incurring construction costs.) Despite our shelter, Tigereye manages to kill me a few times, reincarnating me back to my home point.

The combat is soon interrupted by a sleek, tiny UFO, hovering through Rausch at high speed, so we make a de facto truce and go up to investigate.

"Remember Roo Jones, Hamlet?" Lance asks me, smiling. I do remember Roo and
all his dangerous antics. And since he seems to be away from keyboard, we deliberate on capping him on the spot.

"We can't," says Lance, peering in. "He has his SIT technology on." In SL's combat zones, sitting down makes you impervious to bullets and other moving objects. (This has led to lots of comic tableaus in Jessie, in which groups of heavily armed residents will argue with each other from across the simulator, while sitting on treestumps, boxes, and so on-- because to make one's point while standing means instant death.)

"Let's probe him while he away from keyboard," I suggest, "TO RETURN THE FAVOR FOR ALL MANKIND."

"WHAT?" Starwaster Peregrine says, coming to. "Lemme get my ray gun and we'll see who probes WHO?!?"

So an alien, an Indian brave, and Hunter S. Thompson go back to their corners, and the killing starts up again.

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"in which groups of heavily residents" -- just pointing out, I think you mean "heavily armed residents" -- I skip words all the time too :).


Posted by: Zana at Feb 3, 2004 10:48:29 AM

Thanks, Zana, I'll fix it. My first exhibit
on the perils of instant post-blogging, looks
like. (More to come, no doubt.)

Posted by: Hamlet Linden at Feb 3, 2004 11:48:35 AM

Uh oh. *sees opportunities to correct Hamlet's spelling/grammar*

Mustn't... look.

Posted by: Jade Lily at Feb 4, 2004 6:11:42 AM