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February 21, 2005


Ice Brodie

Once again, I pour over my data...
The data I gathered should enable me to triangulate the location. Though the loss of the signal, assumed to be the craft's destruction, has forced me to have to gather the data logs from 3 of my organization's tracking stations to triangulate. Fortunately, this is not so hard, for someone with my clearance in said organization.

I've asked the armorer again about the suits, but he hasn't yet responded. Since the LIER expedition had them, I assume they are important.

Good news! A craft may be in budget. At this time, though, I don't have a clue how soon. Perhaps I can do some 'creative financing' with the administrative papers, and wrangle a long-range flying craft from one of our fellow executives' personal organizations.


One of my fave songs is Dandy Warhols's "Scientist". I was thinking about it recently, and wish you folks a continued healthy journey and many discoveries to come. :)

Burke Prefect

Ah. Temple Exploration, how I miss the suspense, wandering from one damp, dark, moldy corridor to another. Of course, we had actual equipment for searching temples. Like IR/Nightvision goggles and special lidar scanners on our boots scanning the floor and marking out obvious boobytrap switches.

Of course, it only takes ONE boob to set off a booby trap.

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