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July 13, 2006


Tao Takashi

Thanks for the info, Robin! Sounds cool :-)

For me is not quite clear though what will happen when. Is it first just for poses or can you also animate? And can it be saved from the beginning? (well, it says next phase but also asap so probably asap in the next phase).

And what about some video showing it? :)

Rebbeca Baldwin

I noticed this feature will be released as a demo first,if you need volunteers sign me up! I have prior experience from another 3D world with a interface for making poses and animations in world,this is exciting stuff to me,no more "avie penetration"


Initially the feature will be for posing ("puppeteering") and then additional iterations will follow. Being able to script animations will be later in the sequence. According to Ventrella:

We plan to roll out sub-iterations, starting with the very straightforward spontaneous puppeteering capability, and working our way up through the in-world animator, then the scripting we've been talking about, and then finally, Sumo wrestling and Tantric sex.

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