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April 16, 2006


Lordfly Digeridoo

BRILLIANT! This kind of information should be built into the client. This shows what people REALLY think is compelling content.

This should be replacing dwell, ex post haste. No, seriously. :)

Prokofy Neva

An article I wrote on the Herald about these query results, and contrasting them to the dwell/traffic top 20 and the classifieds purchased top 20.


I'd love to see a regular feature of the SL home page that has the "top picks" or "among the most frequent picks" of parcels based on what people actually pick. Of course, awareness of this issue will help spark some to game it and the "purity" of the pick will be tainted, but that's ok, it will still be more pure than dwell.

I'm taking it that at some point,the avatar profile itself will be uploaded to the website as it has a button now on it saying "upload to web". We will be like live versions of those dates on offline Sims you can upload.

I was thinking then it would be cool to make little MySpaces then out of the avatars pages -- or at least, make them even more MySpaces. Probably music uploads aren't something the Lindens will want cluttering up the server but then..why not? And videos? Or? What *is* the plan for uploading these avatar pages?

Dedric Mauriac

I wonder how many of those are the current title/descriptions of the land they were picked from. A lot of people start editing and such. How about a top 100 words often used in picks/profiles? Excluding common stop words of course (the, is, a, at, etc.)

Eren Padar

Up front this seems like a terrific list of attractions... until ya realize that like so many other things, it can be manipulated. Are these actually the most popular things, or are these the spots where visitors are constantly encouraged to "PUT US IN YOUR PICKS! PUT US IN YOUR PICKS!" Wonder if some of these even pay people to add to picks?

What would be interesting to see is UNIQUE TRAFFIC reports. How many unique users (not avatars) visited these places in the last 30 days?

Ppl put stuff in picks because they're asked to sometimes and then forget its there. Picks may be a good way to advertise a place, but considering its just another advertising thing that can be abused I have to wonder if that list is anything more than just an interesting exercise.

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