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May 31, 2006



Good question. Do you know how they found out 75% made something from scratch? How do they differentiate people who make stuff from people who are just making square wooden prims?

I think creative people become SL residents. In order for someone to be really creative in SL, there needs to be either a pre-existing familiarity with coding/3D-design or a talent for learning coding or 3D-design very quickly which I would say occurs very rarely.

Alot of people talk about SL's relatively steep "learning curve." Non-creative people, I would say, either eventually stop playing or occupy that economically vital, product-consuming, $L-spending 25%.


> How do they differentiate people who make stuff from people who are just making square wooden prims?

You have a very good point. This is why I only consider the 75% a tool that helped me formulate the question, but my looking deeper into this will involved spending time on the grid talking to residents.

If you are interested in having a conversation you can find how to get in touch with me by going here: http://slcreativity.org/blog/?page_id=2

Taran Rampersad

A good determining factor would be 'Age of Resident' in SL. There are ebbs and flows in a Resident's life - or so I theorize - yet the basis for staying in SL (again, theorized) would be an attraction towards creativity.

The permissions would then have to be looked at to determine 'why' there is creation.

I've been considering similar things myself, but I'm a newbie and still exploring. Right now I'm focusing on language issues along the lines of CARDICIS ( http://www.cardicis.org )

Ana Lutetia

Very good question!


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