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May 26, 2006


Oz Spade

Very brave step Ben. Wish you the best of luck as always.

Glad to hear the Alt-Zoom stuff is going well. Wish I would actualy get off my ass and make some movies. :P

Hope the SLCC stuff works out! Sorry I won't be there to see it.

Torley Linden

My respect for BenBuhCuh extends back to my first month in SL, where I found BBC's forum postings (whilst researching Nexus Prime) and then OMG HE LEFT A COMMENT ON MY BLOG! And it was like this really wizened elder Resident had come to me to impart words of wisdom.

Somewhere down the line came the "my nemesis is" (if you remember that, Ben, hehe)... and those pieces of the puzzle fit.

So, this really encouraged me to get further involved with SL. The present is as you know it.

I think Ben's having been with SL for so long--and still going strong with fresh projects like Take5--inspires me a lot, and inspires a lot, period. A lot comes and goes, and it takes a special person to be the candle that burns twice as brightly, but doesn't burn half as long. ;p

My personal opinion only about the broader scope:

I do not believe one's personal projects need be so insular: the state of SL moviemaking has been boosted by BenBuhCuh's work, and thus, LL has been boosted with it--heck, those "new features vids" are the product of transferable, applicable skillz! Connect the dots. Being *transparent* about this only makes the watermelon riper, so to speak.

Aye, history was made. Hardware lighting and flexiprims are live. And wrapping it all back in, I look forward to seeing them in many movies to come.

Eventually I'll want to cross some things into this weird "RL" (what I've been calling "OL", for "Offline Life") too.

It's a beautiful day.

Timeless Prototype

I highly condone Lindens living in the world (platform) they create and manage. It has obvious benefits such as seeing the world through the eyes of a user and being able to adapt the platform towards something we can all enjoy.

Rock on, Benjamin!

Robbie D

You're no Anche too are you? - Well, I've had good dealings with both of you Ben and BBC, can't see any problems from my point of view - you 'ol dog you!


Excellent job! You should have done this long time ago.


Is it? I don't think so.


Your post seem a little cynical, how come ?


Have a good day.


Beautiful as usual.....hope you enjoy a lot !


Keep us posted and good luck!!


Nice one.


Have a nice day


I'm impressed!!!


You had me to the very end... good job!


Nice to have met you Saturday =)


Hats off to you.


Keep up the good work.


Hope it works out for you.

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