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May 23, 2006


Torley Linden

Yup, like Ben sez:

"...hopefully my loyal readers will have some ideas of those really dumb, but easy to fix UI problems."

You got suggestions, add 'em! BEN REALLY CARES. :D

Let's just say there are no coincidences, connections are everywhere, and things are linking together... ;)

And to this day, I have not read True Names. I was hoping a comic book version would come out.

Tinker LaFollette

You're right, Vernor Vinge rocks. I'm reading "A Fire Upon The Deep" right now. Ever read his "Across Realtime" stories ("The Peace War", "The Ungoverned", and "Marooned in Realtime")? And Torley, Vinge has a "Collected Stories" anthology out that includes "True Names", as well as a lot of other good stuff.

Now on the subject of UI annoyances: How often do you create a folder in inventory, and *not* rename it right away? Never, right? Create-and-rename, create-and-rename, always, right? Why not combine those two steps into one: when we create a folder, either prompt us for a name, or automatically send us into rename mode on the new folder.

Annoyance number two, also about inventory: when you have your inv sorted by name, it can get out of order when you create and rename items. To put it back in order, you have to switch to "sort by date", then back to "sort by name": again, a two-step process that should be just one step. Allow the user to re-select the current sort order and re-sort the inventory.

Frans Charming

Oh new books for my list, thanks, am on a reading kick rightnow and almost through my stash, and need to order some new books.

I will come back to with UI improvements. :)

Oz Spade

*punches Ben in the ribs*, you know why.

I really enjoyed True Names so I'll check out the other Vernor book. :D

Rather simple UI annoyance... If you go to a land parcel with huge ammounts of prims available, such as Morris, the "Prims Available" in the About Land thingy will be cut off. I bug reported this too.

And the Find stuff does look better, so good job. :)


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