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May 30, 2006


Aimee Weber

I want naked Ben for myself.

But I think the upside down ben shooting the guns is the most professional.


Very nice shots all around! This, of course, makes it tough to choose just one. You've made this even harder by making so many different images that say so many different things(about SL)! Action, honor, divinity, exposure. Grr :)

I'm partial to the Angelic(not an easily forgotten composition) and Samurai(screams dramatic) pictures, right now.

Frans Charming

I prefer the Flying one. Seems like you are comeing to my rescue instead of trying to kille me.

And make a special batch of the naked one, you can give those to the ladies. ;)

Oz Spade

While they're all awesome...

The upside down one kinda has weird aesthetics.

The samurai one, while I love samurai's and think it looks cool, you don't always look like that. And if you're going for the best representation of your avatar you want something that looks like "you".

The angel one is awesome and very simplistic yet enough contrast to portray an image. My only complaints are that you don't really see your avatars face and your left arm (viewers right) looks a bit disjointed.

The naked one, shows off your face great and has a very nice contrast of colors. But the lighting on naked avatars isn't the most complimentary as it kinda has polygonal looks to it and hard edges. Plus nudity on a business card is a bit risque, even if most of SL is nude.

My choice would have to be the angel one or the nude one. And if neither of those then the samurai. My least favorite is probably the shooting one.

They all look great though, wish you could have different versions as that'd be awesome.

CrystalShard Foo

I'll take the one with the guns. Firstly, he's all flipped, which is good - and secondly, it has a nice view of the face.

Carina Cordeaux

Oh yeah...the nekked one for sure...

LoL, I myself prefer the samurai or the guns...I have a knack for violent things ;-)

Least one would probably be the nude one...at least get a leaf! :D


Yo, those arn't even the correct dimensions for a business card ya heard?


The third one with the wings, for sure.


I like the third one...wings

Celebrity Trollop

I like the flying (third) one too. But the upside down shooting people really does scream "professional!" :D Well -- it would in Silicon Valley. Heh.

Ian Linden

all nude, all the time

Bub Linden

Grubby!? WTF!? I usually wash my hands when I use the bathroom!

And please! Like #4 doesn't have "Please put your paws on me!" all over it!!!

Jeska "Linden"

Swords or Wings.... or naked... I'm so torn. They're all fabu!

Chandra Page

I'd have to go with the Matrix-style falling and shooting image. But I want the naked Ben as a poster for my cubicle at work.


Samurai is my choice. Quality wise, it's the best of them and also speaks of the diversity of your personality. The Samurai is a subtle display of SL and it's features. It gets my vote!

Thanks for the frontal shot! It was a great surprise opening the email today!


where is Bendito Linden, who helped me tie Fallingwater to the train tracks?

i pick Wings

Kaddy Maran


1. Wings
2. Shooting
3. Samurai
4. Naked

The wings look awsm because its like.. white light (good light) following you and its all wikkid awsm.

Shooting is like badazz but ur like trying to help ppl.. same with samurai

Naked.. well its hot but umm on a biz card? I think maybe we all should know what exactly you do..............

Taran Rampersad

Wings. More open for interpretation, less stereotype.


You great webmaster! But I think this one is good.


Your post seem a little cynical, how come ?


Very well presented.


I couldn’t agree with you more!


Thanks again.


Good job guys.


Nice try!

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