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April 01, 2006


Blind Wanderer

you and your flexible prims, when do we get them? (what ever are we going to do with them anyway?) Sure they will be cool for making the fabric seperators infront of japanese buissnesses but what else?

Oz Spade

Very nice video! :) Whose voice was that for the womans? And what song was that playing?

While I don't believe the 1.9.1 part, it's interesting that you added "Hardware Lighting" in there. What would that entail?

Ice Brodie

I want to know details about object groupings.

This interests me a lot.

paulie femto

Ben, is this for real in 1.9.1 or are you having us on?

Oxicleann Omegamu

test sry this is just a test, but awesome blog ^.^....


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