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October 29, 2005


Walter Yarbrough

An excellent panel. Very glad to have participated with you.

Some clarifications -

We're not concerned with a loss of control. What we are concerned with is every player's experience - a potential comparison is the 'comps' that Vegas will offer to someone who may have had a bad experience in a Casino. Regardless of cost, it is worth it for the casino to pamper that one customer, to get them back in the door in the future (or spread the word to their friends).

Oh, and I talked about grief healing in the past tense. We've fixed that one :)



I'm still working on my reports, but here's a few pictures I took from this panel:


Jim Purbrick

Hi Walter,

Thanks for dropping by. And for the clarifications too. So, the Mythic concern is primarily the griefing, which you're doing lots of good work to minimise, but SOE are definitely concerned about the control. When we were talking to some of the SOE guys they were adamant that you wouldn't see even uploadable textures in an SOE game for fear of someone seeing pornography in a game with Sony written on the front.

Walter Yarbrough

We *could* put user created art in the game. We're not concerned that heavily with control (the inviolate restrictions list on a Mythic game is short.)

The problem is - since we do review the content that goes into the game - the cost to do that, vs. the quality of submissions is totally unacceptable - at least based upon our current subscription model.

It is much more economical for us to hire our own artists than to review user submitted art.


Jim Purbrick

Hello again Walter,

Yes, reviewing is expensive and has to be done carefully as you become a publisher rather than a common carrier and so more vulnerable. So is the answer to not review or push the reviewing task on to users Andy Tepper/A Tale In The Desert style? A player wanting to become a tailor has to design 10 things that other players like a lot? On the subject of control, even though Mythic might be more chilled out about it than SOE, I wonder what Games Workshop would say about user created content in Warhammer Online (2)? On the one hand they're fiercely protective of their IP, on the other they made a shed load of money out of user created paint jobs for their lead figures...

Jim Purbrick

From Boing Boing:


Content creation is what the cool kids do.

Walt Yarbrough

Games Workshop is, as you say, fiercely protective of their IP.

User submitted art or content is certainly not viable for Warhammer, given the extensive approval process we have for Mythic-created art and content.


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