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September 03, 2005


Torley Wong/Torley Torgeson

I lurve the part where you say "You could even buy a modable copy of the existing kitchen for 0 L$, do your own remix and send it to me." Kitchen remixing! Hahaha... hey, if you could get a whole bunch of variations on this, you could make an Andy Warholesque piece of art.

This reminds me of a very long time ago, when I was an isolationist who hadn't yet become so social (as I am in Second Life). There was a program called Virtus VR that allowed design in 3D and exploration through the design. At the time, it was kind of a big thing to be able to lay out architecture AND walk through it (a higher-end Virtus program was appropriately dubbed Virtus Walkthrough). So I built these things, walked through 'em... and... felt strangely lonely because no one else was coming to see them. I think there was a module that allowed nodes to be distributed over the Internets, but it wasn't to my liking either and not the most convenience of things.

So I stopped using the program.

Today I'm here.

782 Naumova

That's totally awesome, and yet another reason why SL isn't just a game. Calling SL a game is like calling a PC a gaming machine. Gaming is but one of the uses for a PC.


Hey there! I can't wait to see what you have there!

My fiancee and I want to rework our bathroom... and I think Second Life may be key.

And then I can warrant all the time I spend there!




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