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November 09, 2004


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Strife Onizuka

Congratulations on getting the recognition deserved.

I had the pleasure of getting a tour of iRobot back before Roomba came out (got to see a CoWorker in pieces). I'm interested as to the future of iRobot, having had a rocky past with the dot com crash and the subsequent evaporation of the market for remote telepresence robots (that was my take on the situation).

In a couple years i'm sure you will be going to confrences with computer manucaturers. Good to see that not just the virtual world revolves around LL ;-)



I was at ACC2004 and enjoyed the virtual world gaming talks, a subject I'd never paid much attention to before. In fact I join SL on Saturday and convinced my girlfriend to join on Sunday. We're going to experiment with using SL as place to share a richer online experience when we have to live on separate continents next year.

I'm wondering if there is a way to identify other ACC2004 attendees who join SL? Can we all belong to a group?

Cory Ondrejka

Sure, you can make a group. You just need at least 3 members to keep it going.


prepare to be slashdotted!


All your base are belong to us!


All your base are belong to us!


Oh please you /. people. It sounds like you make some kind of sport of it... or even trying to fear someone. Get a life and stop hitting that refresh button!


Yay Roomba!

I want a Roomba SO badly but I have nowhere for it to keep clean... a dorm room just isn't a suitable place for one. Eee!

Colin Rule

yay Cory! top line billing on /. -- you're more famous than I thought you were. And a big feature in NYT, too ... http://www.nytimes.com/2004/11/11/technology/circuits/11life.html?oref=login ... in 10 years when you're as famous as the Woz can I say I knew you back in the day? :) rah

Roomba Review

"I'm interested as to the future of iRobot, having had a rocky past with the dot com crash and the subsequent evaporation of the market for remote telepresence robots (that was my take on the situation)."

FYI, I don't think iRobot has anything to worry about. They just announced that they have sold over 1 million robotic vacs, far exceeding the United Nations Economic Commission forecast that sales of vacuum cleaning robots would reach 400,000 by 2006.

That's alot of robots out there...


I think the roomba / irobot will keep on working on and on and will just keep getting better and better as per the segway, it is a rich person product and will go the same way as the motor scooters that are getting band all over the state. Who would spend that kind of money for something you can not use.


I really appreciate your blog.well done.


LOL. Good job guys.


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