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July 25, 2006



Dear Philip,

I hope your week has been better than mine. I've been Ruthed too many times to count, continually unable to TP, unable to rez stuff, lost IMs in the middle of conversation because the comms system is screwed, lost inventory, and now it seems lost a good friend.

I'm pleased to hear the folks at LL can all choose what they prefer to work on. How lovely. Unfortunately, no-one seems to be choosing to work on fixing the grid so that it remains stable and useable for more than a few minutes together. This means that we, the lowly residents of SL, can choose to do -well - not much at all really at the moment, as the whole thing has been Lindened.
Could you get someone to sort it out please? I know it's tough at the top, but now and again arses do need kicking, even in the most enlightened of workplaces. Many thanks.


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