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December 05, 2005


Torley Torgeson

This is such an endearing idea, and it looks like it was carried through so wonderfully. The whole thing is GENIUS! Gosh, I wish I had done this when I was a kid. With my little bro, I often used to wonder why bosses with multi-stage forms would get stronger the more damage you dealt, and why they didn't crush you from the onset if they possessed all this extensive power.

Whelp... these are 4 of the 24, right? Is there gonna be a full picture wall of all of them posted? That'd be rockin'. I bet lots of Resis would trip out in the sandbox looking at 'em! (I can help place them if you want!)

Jim Purbrick

Torley, Thanks! I'm hoping to make the game available for download soon, so I'd rather have people play through the game and discover the bosses that way than post them all as images.

Torley Torgeson

OOOO that'd be even better! I'm looking forward.

I'm reminded of some schmups like Gradius or Darius, where there's a big shadow and dramatic synthesized orchestral music when the boss begins to descend, and a specsheet showing how powerful it is. And I have a fondness of when there are YUGE question marks to intimidate you further!


That's been a big part of video games for me, I think, revealing the mystery behind "Who is the last boss?"

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